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We don’t need love.

ianuarie 23, 2009


We need TO love.
What use is to you the love of someone you don’t love? That should make you happy only if you are a stupid proud and narcissistic bastard. We actually love the feeling of being in love, that exact sensation that makes your heart beat faster, that tears you apart when you miss someone. My heart does not beat faster because you adore me, it beats faster because I adore YOU. I prefer to love than be loved. That’s a fact. And that might make me look selfish, in a way. Because you are not as happy as I am, if you love me less than I love you.
Humans are stupid creatures indeed. We should just enjoy the feeling of being in love, without expecting anything in return. It’s the greatest joy we’ll ever get. And it’s as simple as that.

Concluzie: Esti fericit cand ai tu fluturasi in stomac, nu te fac fericit fluturasii altuia.

Friday June 6, 2008

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