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It’s laughter and sex today

Ianuarie 24, 2009


Motto: I’d rather fuck who I want than kill who I’m told to.

Today we return to our favorite subject: sex.

– Good morning, Iggy! I wanna be your cat!
– Screw that!Go fuck your pain away!
– Ah, you like to play it tough! No problem, me too!
– Fuck you!
– Be my guest!

Wanna go running around town, tear it up, kick it up, rip it up then?

(the most delicious dialogue between two of my favourite obscene people: Iggy and Peaches)

I wake up and float slowly on the streets, on my way to work. It’s hot and the motherfuckers wanna get with me, lay with me, love with me. I have no problem with that. I blame it on the heat.

-I heard you like kinky shit.
-That just depends on who I’m with.
– What is it? Acid, limo or some kind of toy?
– Like you said, ‘Search and Destroy’.

(Make room for the glam-shock princess’ crotch)

And in the end, we’ll go to a concert, as I see the tent’s so big in your pants, baby. There must be an immense gig up in there. I’m gonna bring my friends for a dance, baby, gonna sell those tickets advance. (Sexy and funny – the deadly combination).

nota: poza e opera lui k, one of the the few kinky goddesses i know…

Friday July 18, 2008

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