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Pretty when you cry

ianuarie 24, 2009


You’re made of my rib and, baby, you’re made of my sin. And I can’t tell where your lust ends and where your love begins.

storytelling in bed. headbanging. laughing hysterically. ac/dc-ing. flesh.

I didn’t want to hurt you baby, but you’re pretty when you cry.

jealousy. wrist grabbing. screaming. running on corridors. barefoot. pleasedontleave.

I didn’t want to fuck you, baby, but you’re pretty when you’re mine.

coming back. always coming back. running away. returning. running like crazy. coming back no matter what. carrying each other. nakedness.

I didn’t really love you , baby, but I’m pretty when I lie.

hating each other. kissing. crashing and burning. tongues seeking each other.

If you knew how much i love you, you would run away. But when i treat you bad, it always makes you want to stay.


VAST – Pretty when you cry

Monday August 25, 2008

foto: Jan Saudek

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