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Februarie 12, 2009


My lips blackened with wine, eyes closed, I was shivering and twitching on „Break on through”.

Men of all ages overwhelmed with the desire to press their fingertips against my smile. And you among them.

You, whom I thought untouchable, therefore desirable, you, whom I had overestimated just because you had lived in my dreamcountry for all those years. I had tricked myself into believing you had acquired some wisdom there. But you just fell in my sticky web, just like the others. Even before them. One dance was enough to make you want to lick my toes.

Asking for anything I was willing to give: my address, my love, my phone number, my disdain, 5 minutes of my time the next day. Anything.

All you got, darling, was the spiderwoman’s growing disappointment. She had you for dinner tonight. She’s not hungry anymore.

Thursday February 5, 2009

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