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The stockings

Februarie 25, 2009


– Come here! Kiss me!


– What happened?

– Nothing. I’ve had enough of our teenage escapades in public bathrooms. Really. I’m sick of it.

– You’re just saying that to hurt me.

– I didn’t know our silly little game had the ability to hurt you. See? It’s all wrong, because we look at it differently.

– Please…

– You can’t beg someone to love you. Or make love to you.

– Why?…..Why?……Is it him?

– No. Actually, it’s your girl. I don’t think he would be hurt by this, but she would.

– But all that was in the past. She’s not my girl now.

– I don’t care.

– Just once, just this time.

You pushed me against the wall, violently, furiously, pressing your lips against mine. A few tears were running down my cheeks.  She suddenly pushed the door aside. She was staring, she couldn’t move. Hating us, silently. Then she ran away, you following her. She stopped and hit you a million times, while I was biting my bloody lip. She ran back into the bar and ordered vodka. I wanted to touch her, but she hit me too. Then you sat at the table, smiling like a dumb bitch and saying that was such a stupid overreaction. And I felt like strangling you right there. But instead, I kept sucking on my bloody lip, thinking that she’ll never know the truth and there was no way I could convince her I would have never hurt her.

Then someone took this stupid photo of the three of us, that I still have. Crying girls drinking vodka. This would have been its title, if it had been a fucking painting.

I remember I noticed my stockings had been burned with a cigarette, once again, and I felt sorry. I felt damn sorry for ruining my new stockings and her trust in me, both at the same time.


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  1. nadaella permalink
    Februarie 25, 2009 6:54 pm

    violent girls, with a fetish for stockings, very much in love with making love and falling in drinking… a 3-some would’ve solved the problem, i guess… yummy…

  2. Februarie 25, 2009 9:30 pm

    no, darling, 3-somes never work. you think they will, but they don’t. : ) at least for me they didn’t. but they can be yummy for a while, i guess. ;)

  3. nadaella permalink
    Februarie 26, 2009 7:05 am

    i’ll keep that in mind :D

  4. Ianuarie 17, 2010 10:53 pm

    happy Birthday :)

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