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iulie 2, 2009

The Earth on its axis turned quietly without a sound. And in this world, Her and my body continued to lose heat peacefully. That day I was picked up by her. That’s why I am Her cat. She was kind, like a mother. And beautiful, like a lover. That’s why I quickly became enamored of Her.

She lives alone. And leaves for work every morning. I don’t know the details of her work, nor am I interested. But I very much like the way she looks leaving the room in the morning.

„I’ll go and come back, ok?” That’s what she says aloud. A smell like grassy places wet with rain in the morning remains for a while.

One day, after a long long telephone conversation, She cried. I didn’t understand the reason, but She cried for a long time by my side. I think She is not the one at fault. Only I am always watching. She is always kinder than anyone else. She is more beautiful than anyone else. She lives more earnestly than anyone does. I can hear her voice. „Someone…someone…someone save me”.

In the darkness that has no end, this world that we are aboard continues to revolve. The sight of her, engulfed in a very heavy jacket, she seems practically like a big cat.

She, who wore the scent of snow, and Her slender, cold finger tips, the sound of the black clouds streaming far away in the upper sky. Her soul, and my feelings, and our little room…

I and probably Her, too. This world…I think we like it.

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  1. Lucian Stefanescu permalink
    iulie 2, 2009 9:48 pm

    mai stii omul care vorbea cu pisicile in kafka on the shore a lui murakami?

    • iulie 3, 2009 7:53 am

      il ador pe murakami, si aveam demult in vizor cartea asta. n-am citit-o inca, din pacate. dar daca zici ca e rost de om vorbitor cu pisici in ea, trebuie sa ma grabesc sa fac rost.(:

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