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Questionnaire No.4

iulie 12, 2009

oh, really?

Have you been called a slut before: obviously.
Did it bother you: it actually turned me on.
Have you ever thought you were in love: more than was necessary, yes.
Have you ever swam in the ocean: no. was I supposed to?
Have you ever surfed?: the internet, yes.
Was it fun: uuuuh, plenty of fun! I have butterflies in my stomach when I fill in stupid questionnaires like this one.
Have you ever walked out on the break water to a light house: No.
Have you ever been inside a light house: How the fuck could I have been INSIDE the fucking light house if I never walked to it?!
Ever climbed rocks: yes, but I prefer throwing them at people for fun.
Was it fun: kind of, but, as I said, it was more fun throwing them.
Who did you do it with: the climbing – with some friends, the throwing – alone
Did they have fun: yes, especially the people who were hit by the rocks. They had the time of their lives.
Have you lost any one close to you: in many senses, yes.
Ever witnessed some one dying: yes, the cockroaches that I trampled with my feet, while screaming like a dumb bitch.
Do you know who it was: no, I don’t think I asked them their names before squashing them.
Ever been to any funerals: yes, and I loved it. I laughed all the way and made everybody hate me.
Have you ever been in a fist fight: If fist fight means getting punched in the face and then running away crying, then yes, I’ve been in one.
Have you ever gotten detention: luckily, there was no such thing as detention at my school. but if there had been, than I would have probably gotten it hundreds of times.
Have you ever passed out from being drunk: doesn’t everybody?
Have you ever had sex: never, sex comes from the devil.
If no who do you want to be your first: god, so I can give birth to another baby jesus. that would be so fucking cute!
Have you ever asked any one out: why would I ask people out if I don’t want to have sex?
Have you ever eaten any bubbles: Yes, as follows: soap bubbles and gum bubbles.
Have you ever had stitches: two times more than necessary, yes.
Have you ever had any ex-rays: yes! and it was so exciting that I was screaming like I was in a roller coaster.
Ever had to have surgery: those two times I had stitches.
Have you ever watched a porno?: this morning I saw the last one, I swear. I have to stop.
Tried to wash your hair in the rain?: yes, but it didn’t go too well. I got it all wet.
Ever thought about becoming an actor/actress?: yes,it’s about time some new porn actress appeared, one who is better at faking orgasms.
Fantasized about the same sex?: not only fantasized.
Ever had a dream about your friends bf/gf?: every other day, I probably should stop.
Slapped or punched a guy in the face?: yes, happily.
Dated more than one person at a time with out them knowing about: what kind of stupid question is this?! doesn’t everybody?!
Loved someone so much it hurt?: when it started to hurt, it probably wasn’t love anymore.
Regretted breaking it off with someone?: je ne regrette rien.
Wanted to enter American Idol?: yes, so I could puke on everybody’s shoes.
Laughed at something when no one else thought it was funny?: yes, at my jokes, which are so brilliant that no one understands.
Wrote a letter to someone and never mailed or sent it?: I have better things to do than write letters uselessly.
Burped in public?: what? it’s impolite, or something?
Walked barefoot in the sand?: no, I always wear boots at the seaside, I’m not as crazy as to walk barefoot. sand is dangerous!
Whistled while you worked?: and while I rode the bike and while I cooked and while I had sex.
Watched disney movies as an adult?: I’ll tell you after I become an adult.
Swore with little kids around?: swore AT them, more exactly.
Ever peed your pants from laughing too hard?: yes, and it was lovely! I do it everytime I laugh since then.
Pierced anything?: D’oooh!
Felt like you were the smartest one in the room?: Yes, right now, actually. I suppose the fact I am alone is not important in this matter.
Laughed and cried at the same time?: Yes, and peed in the same time.

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  1. iulie 12, 2009 4:55 pm

    „Dated more than one person at a time without them knowing about: what kind of stupid question is this?! doesn’t everybody?!”


    • iulie 12, 2009 8:12 pm

      hai ma, we all do this. macar o data-n viata. :)

      • iulie 12, 2009 8:41 pm

        Sper din tot sufletul sa nu fie chiar „all”.
        Daca te-ai aflat vreodata de cealalta parte a baricadei, stii bine ca lucrul cel mai greu de inteles si acceptat e minciuna. De ce e nevoie ca cineva sa fie mintit? Poti sa faci ce vrei si cu cine vrei si fara sa minti si sa ranesti persoanele care tin la tine. Mintindu-le, arati nu doar ca nu tii la ele, ci ca nici macar nu le respecti. Respectul inseamna sa spui adevarul. Nu e chiar asa greu.

        • iulie 12, 2009 8:54 pm

          bineinteles ca m-am aflat si „de cealalta parte a baricadei”. But well, this is human nature. Si nu inseamna neaparat ca minti, poate doar prin omisiune. Situatiile astea sunt de obicei mult prea complexe, si depind prea mult de imprejurari, ca sa poti considera pe cineva personajul negativ si pe celalalt personajul pozitiv. ;)

          • iulie 12, 2009 9:28 pm

            Nu sunt chiar asa complexe. Le complicam noi ca sa ne gasim scuze. In realitate, e simplu: omiti sa spui din egoism, chiar daca stii ca nu e bine ce faci. Cand stii ca un om crede in tine si tu alegi sa il minti, devii personajul negativ. Indiferent de imprejurari, intotdeauna ai mai multe posibilitati. Daca, dintre toate, alegi minciuna, dovedesti slabiciune. Arati ca doar comfortul tau psihic sau un strop de placere sunt mai importante decat persoana careia ii spui ca tii la ea.
            Minciuna nu are scuze cand o folosesti pentru binele propriu. Si nu vorbim aici de o situatie in care minti sa iti salvezi viata. Aia e altceva. Aici vorbim de cazul in care minti pentru placerea ta. Nu zice nimeni sa nu iti cauti propria fericire, dar daca o cauti calcand pe cadavre, atunci nu e in ordine.
            Aminteste-ti cat te-a durut minciuna si cat de rau e sa nu mai poti avea incredere in oameni. De ce sa faci atata rau si altora ?

            • iulie 12, 2009 10:15 pm

              bine, discutia asta e un pic offtopic si unsolicited, pe langa faptul ca e clar ca raspunsul oanei e mai degraba la misto.

              dar, daca tot veni vorba, situatia chiar este complexa. sigur, fiecare are propria perspectiva asupra lucrurilor, dar e important sa nu uitam ca exista mai multe perspective.

              eu cred ca uneori mintim si ca sa nu facem rau, nu doar din egoism. iar mie mi se pare foarte important sa fii true to yourself. si asta nu inseamna ca esti egoist, desi, prin felul in care esti, poti rani anumiti oameni. consider ca reactiile lor sunt, in primul rand, raspunderea lor.

              • iulie 12, 2009 10:55 pm

                Reactiile lor sunt consecinta actiunilor tale. De aceea se cheama reactii…
                Si daca actiunile tale fac un rau care putea fi evitat, atunci, nici macar din perspectiva ta nu poti spune ca ai procedat corect.

                • nadaella permalink
                  iulie 13, 2009 8:13 am

                  n-am spus vreo clipa ca reactiile oamenilor n-ar fi consecinte ale unor actiuni… insa poate raul care putea fi evitat e un bine pentru mine si/ sau pentru altii. asta e, e vorba tot de diferite perspective…

  2. cristiangheorghe permalink
    iulie 12, 2009 5:58 pm

    te definește perfect. Vai ce semeni cu fiică-mea în poză!!!

    • iulie 12, 2009 8:19 pm

      oi semana, mai stii? in orice caz, mi-a placut tare faza aia cu „nu intelegi tu. oamenii mari nu iubesc.” :)

  3. iulie 12, 2009 7:43 pm

    eu tot sustin ca esti complexa!

  4. iulie 12, 2009 10:06 pm

    raspuns ptr toate chestionarele
    esti geniala, oanamarrria!! :))
    (ce bine pica la mine r-ul asta prelungit, ca-s raraita, nu de alta)

  5. iulie 14, 2009 2:32 pm

    in poza de sus parca esti un transexual din filmele lui almodovar…

    • iulie 14, 2009 5:26 pm

      ha! ce tare! o singura persoana mi-a mai spus asta despre poza, ca arat ca un transexual :) e de bine, mai ales daca e si almodovar adus in discutie. :)

  6. iulie 20, 2009 1:49 pm

    haaaaa! feisbuc addict! : ))

  7. Alexa permalink
    august 5, 2009 10:38 pm

    :))))) Mi-a placut :))

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