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Sputnik wisdom

octombrie 18, 2009

„Don’t you just love it? she said. Everyday you stand on top of a mountain, make a 360 degree sweep, checking to see if there are any fires. And that’s it. You’re done for the day. The rest of the time you can read, write, whatever you want. At night scruffy bears hang around your cabin. That’s the life! Compared to that, studying literature in college is like biting down on the bitter end of a cucumber.” – made me think I might have underestimated your mountain top isolation dreams.

„Sumire could hear the intake of breath. Like the sound of a velvet curtain being drawn aside on a peaceful morning to let in the sunlight to wake someone very special for you.” –  sent this in a text message once, to someone who really loves mornings.

” – It’s such a waste to order a whole bottle of wine for just the two of us, Sumire said to Miu one time. We can barely finish half.

– Don’t worry, Miu laughed. The more we leave behind, the more people in the restaurant will be able to try it. The sommelier, the headwaiter, all the way down to the waiter who fills the water glasses. That way a lot of people will start to acquire a taste for good wine. Which is why leaving expensive wine is never a waste.” –  I guess I would have fallen in love with her right there.

„- Sometimes you’re just the sweetest thing. Like Christmas, summer holidays and a brand-new puppy all rolled into one. But someday you’ll get married to some nice girl and forget all about me. And I won’t be able to call you in the middle of the night whenever I want to. Right?

– You can always call during the day.” –    Jesus. I hate it when people contradict me for all the wrong reasons but don’t do it when really necessary.

„I can’t really say why it’s such a lonely feeling to watch all the river water mix together with the sea water. But it really is.”

„So that’s how we live our lives. No matter how deep and fatal the loss, no matter how important the thing that’s stolen from us – that’s snatched right out of our hands – even if we are left completely changed people with only the outer layer of skin from before, we continue to play out our lives this way, in silence.”

Thanks for the book, Dana sweetheart.

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  1. octombrie 19, 2009 6:19 am

    my pleasure, my sputnik sweetheart :*
    reading these lines made me wanna read it again, it’s so wonderful… and now i miss you even more, i’ll count the hours till we meet: 9…

  2. octombrie 19, 2009 7:46 am

    you’ll read it again, ca ti-o aduc. :) about 7 left…

  3. octombrie 19, 2009 10:09 am

    See you at the bitter end of a cucumber :*

  4. Utopian permalink
    octombrie 21, 2009 10:12 am

    Ce draguuuuutaaa e treaba aia cu apa care se varsa in mare… Mi-a amintit ca si eu am avut un sentiment nedeslusit in Delta, tot pe chestia asta, da’ nu puteam gasi sentimentul exact…

    Cum ii zice la carte? Nu poti sa pui niste chestii asa de minunate pe blog si sa nu ne zici si unde le gasim:(

    • octombrie 21, 2009 11:12 am

      Ah, sorry. Cartea e Sputnik Sweetheart, de Haruki Murakami. Pentru mine avea sens, ca pusesem la taguri. :)

  5. octombrie 24, 2009 10:16 pm

    hi Oana ! scuze de offtopic :d, dar ai primit un premiu. click aici pentru el :p

    • octombrie 26, 2009 9:08 am

      multumesc pentru premiu. :) nu ma prea pricep eu la discursuri din astea de oscar.:)

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